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Who We Are 

supplier: We mainly deals with natural freshwater Baroque pearls. And become a wholesale in China. We have our own breeding base and factory that can provide natural freshwater pearls of all shapes.

Buyer: It is well known that it is impossible to be a single player in an industry, as is the pearl industry. We can only provide Baroque pearls, but we can help customers find other kinds of freshwater pearls and accessories even other natural stone in the Chinese market. We are the professional staff in this industry, of course, we will get the most suitable price because we are a Chinese team.

drop shipper: If you are the sale on eBay, Amazon, and we will become your drop shipper, we can take pictures and make price list also can help you to sent out packages, whatever you have any problems we can support to you, and have you to be a good internet sales

What we have to do is realize every customer’s luxury dream


Ballarin Cristian

He builds this company in 2000years, and now CERUN is a brand name. Have experience in feed pearls and sale pearls.



Now, we are the baroque pearls supplier and also sourcing other pearls like Tahiti pearls and south sea pearls.And baroque pearls style we divide as shape.


Sourcing pearls


One special experience in shopping, one special import pearls from  China.


Please indicate the pearl size type and grade in the inquiry form. It is best to have a sample map to help us confirm. We will have a professional customer service to process your inquiry.


After submitting your inquiry you’ll be assigned a professional customer representative to find suppliers and provide a quote to you within 2 working days.


Once you place your order, we offer complete packaging solutions to customize your product. We help coordinate between you and the supplier to make production as smooth as possible.


We can provide re-produce on an OEM basis, as your request to make holes and make a necklace, and we inspect all of your products before shipping.


After product inspection, we arrange shipping from China to your destination, through options including sea freight, airfreight and air express.


Baroque Pearls Necklace

We can supply to you all the baroque shape pearls necklace, If sometimes we can’t supply to you, you can tell me that we can sourcing for you.


sourcing products

We also can help customers to souring other jewelry products just for every customers can get more convenience.


Earring & Stud . . . . . . . sliver/gold
Bracelct & Ring . . . . . . . sliver/gold
Clasps & buckle . . . . . . . sliver/gold
Brooch & Pendent . . . . . . . sliver/gold

Natural Stone

Natural Stone . . . . . . . color/size
. . . . . . .
. . . . . . .
. . . . . . .

Shell Design

Shell design . . . . . . . fashion design
. . . . . . .
. . . . . . .
. . . . . . .

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Please sent to us products pictures,some detials then will receive quote within in two days .and you just need to wait,other work we will do for you.

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